Join us for this year's Bring Your Legislator to School Day Initiative!

Bring Your Legislator to School Day is an educator-led initiative that brings state lawmakers into schools to see how policy decisions are playing out at the classroom level. Our Fellows invite the lawmakers, distribute press advisories, set an agenda for the day, and arrange for meetings between the visiting lawmaker and school leaders, teachers, and students to discuss pressing education issues. We want this practice to become commonplace - something that is expected rather than celebrated.  We hope that legislators begin to see practicing educators as trusted partners who can help them make policy work for students. We first launched this initiative in the fall of 2015 in collaboration with Educators for High Standards.

Legislators - Email us at to schedule a school visit in your district

                                             Watch our video to learn more about Bring Your Legislator to School Day!

The New York and Colorado Fellowships' Bring Your Legislator to School Day events are already underway! To see what is happening in each state, click the links below.