As part of the Bring Your Legislator To School Day initiative in New York, Carolyn Glicklich hosted State Senator Bill Perkins and Assemblymember Robert Rodriguez at Harlem Link Charter School in Manhattan. In preparation for the visit, we asked Carolyn why she was excited to participate in Bring Your Legislator To School Day, here's what she said:

Working in Harlem is both rewarding yet challenging. Everyday I’m asking myself how can I close the Achievement Gap and more importantly, give my students the same opportunities and experiences other students may be experiencing across the country. Having my students and my entire school participate in Bring Your Legislature to School Day gives my students a new experience and an opportunity to show off not only their scholarship but also their citizenship. I’m excited for my students to engage with a policy maker and I hope they realize the impact they can have on their future. This type of experience will provide students with an authentic educational experience as we will work on research skills prior to the day to prepare questions, our listening and speaking skills during our time with our legislator, and our writing skills after when we thank the legislator for coming. This is an experience I hope they remember for a lifetime.

Carolyn Glicklich is a 3rd grade teacher and team leader at Harlem Link Charter School. She has been teaching for 9 years including special education in Boston. In addition, Carolyn has been awarded the Sontag Prize for Excellence in Urban Education since 2012 and helped with the research on the book "Effective Inclusive Schools" by Dr. Thomas Heir and Dr. Lauren Katzman. Carolyn is a New York Educator Voice Fellow with America Achieves.