By TN Fellow Tanika Johnson

On May 25, 2016, Tennessee Fellows Tanika Johnson and Dr. Yvette Renfroe hosted a “Bring Your Legislator to School Day.”  The faculty, staff, parents, and students were eager for the arrival of Senator Lee Harris to address Kate Bond Elementary School’s Class of 2016.  The school auditorium was filled with one hundred seventy-five fifth graders, beaming with excitement, during their Fifth Grade Promotion.  It was an immaculate opportunity for fourth grade student ambassadors, Stephanie Knight and Tymaia Rachel, to meet, greet, and escort Senator Harris into the room filled with blue, black, gold, and white congratulations balloons.  

Fifth grade students performed “The Bridge of Athlone Dance, collectively chanted “The World’s Greatest,” and expressed their accomplishments and continued dedication through spoken word.  Fifth grader, Amerie Hubbard, introduced our special guest, Senator Harris, as the remarkable keynote speaker.  Amerie emphasized his strong belief in college and career readiness.  As she mentioned, “This is evidenced by him attending Morehouse College on a full scholarship.”  Throughout the address, Senator Harris raised awareness around facing challenges, moving to new heights, and being successful.  He is truly an advocate of high quality education and an inspiration to those in the Memphis community.  

During the closing remarks, Dr. Renfroe presented Senator Harris with a certificate of excellence and the plaque pictured below. Senator Harris tweeted and stated, “Truly honored to receive this award from Kate Bond Elementary School!”