Originally posted by Mindy Simon's on her blog on October 28, 2016

Senator Merrifield graciously accepted the invitation to visit our high school in southern Colorado Springs a month ago. Unsure of what he anticipated seeing or learning about our school, I know that he was able to get a comprehensive look at a variety of programs and experiences that we offer kids. Capturing moments in which policy makers are able to see education in action is important. Policy affects what happens in schools on a day to day basis, making these types of collaborations all the more important. During his visit he was able to see perhaps some educational perspectives that often times go missed or are over looked.

He was able to hear from our Dreamer's Club about some of their projects and the challenges in accessing college for undocumented students. He heard some personal stories that students shared at an assembly last year in which our undocumented students came "Out of the Shadows" and relayed their personal journeys to their peers.

He was able to hear from our AVID students regarding the challenges of working towards being a first generation college student and how this program helps pave their path, changing family trajectories and their own personal aspirations.

He was able to hear from our teachers about AP classes and the importance of rigorous classes that are open to all students.

Schools are filled with many of these different programs that are aspiring to grow kids and build dreams. Thank you Senator Merrifield for taking a moment out of your busy schedule to see our work and hear our stories.

Mindy Simons is an assistant principal at Harrison High School in Colorado Springs and a Colorado Educator Voice Fellow with America Achieves.