By Sheri Rodman, Director of the America Achieves New York Educator Voice Fellowship. This post originally appeared on

In collaboration with Partners for Inspired Education and the Collaborative for Student Success, ten New York Educator Voice Fellows hosted policy makers in their schools as part of this season's Bring Your Legislator to School Day. 

State policy makers have the responsibility of making powerful decisions that impact education. Along with our partners, we strive to provide an opportunity for legislators to observe students and teachers engaged in instruction aligned with high standards by training New York Educator Voice Fellows to host their own Bring Your Legislator to School day events. 

Teresa Ranieri , a first grade teacher at Public School 11 Highbridge Academy in the Bronx hosted Assemblymember Latoya Joner, representing district 77, in her classroom on November 9th.   


A week earlier, Fred Engelhardt, the principal of Albany School of Humanities, a magnet elementary school, hosted Assemblymember Patricia Fahy, representing district 109, at the school's Star Wars Literacy Night (right). At the event, students and parents participated in literacy activities that incorported Star Wars themes. They offered breakout sessions for parents, including discussions around 'What is Common Core?' and how to apply Common Core strategies at home.