Do you want to help all Louisiana students become prepared for successful careers? Apply below for the Louisiana Educator Voice Fellowship.

If you are interested in the Fellowship and are from outside Louisiana, please complete our interest form and we will email you if we open a program in your state.

In Louisiana, we will select a diverse group of 15-25 teachers, counselors, school leaders, and district administrators who:

  • Have experience developing or being champions for career readiness programs and/or policy for Louisiana students from all backgrounds; 
  • Are passionate about and have demonstrated success with innovative career readiness pedagogy;
  • Positively impact student outcomes related to career readiness;
  • Have demonstrated leadership in their schools and/or communities; 
  • Are effective communicators, including written, verbal, and collaboration skills;
  • Are employed by a public school system in a role that serves students between 7th-12th grades. 

In addition to submitting information about yourself and your school or district below, on the next page you will be asked to respond to five short answer questions and upload an evidence file demonstrating your students’ learning.  We are accepting applications through Sunday, July 16th.

The Louisiana Educator Voice Fellowship is an opportunity for Louisiana's most future-thinking educators to learn about the rapidly changing economy and co-create a new generation of curricular resources that inspire students to prepare themselves for success in the world of work. Visit our Louisiana page to learn more about the Fellowship experience and details of the project.

Louisiana Educator Voice Fellowship Application

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Short Answer Questions

Fellows will work with the Louisiana Department of Education to build a suite of innovative, effective career education curricular and instructional resources  to be delivered as a course to early high school students. This course will eventually replace Journey to Careers.

Evidence of student learning file examples include, but are not limited to: data from standardized measures of student learning; percentage of students completing career pathways, industry-based credentials, and/or post-secondary credits; graduation rates, dual-enrollment rates; or student work samples. Please note that the data file must be absent of identifying information to protect student privacy. We understand that educators of different subject areas and schools across the state have access to different data sets, so please upload the file that best represents your students’ growth.

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