Educator Voice Activities Fellow Reporting Form

We hope that Fellows’ activities will lead cities and states to create, communicate (to the public), and execute new approaches to one or more of our core issue areas in order to improve student outcomes:

  • Promoting policies that ensure equity and access to a great education for all students by improving states’ accountability systems, ensuring a more equitable distribution of highly effective teachers, providing all students regardless of background an enriching preK-12 educational experience, and guaranteeing that all students can graduate with the credentials they need for success in college and career.

  • High-quality academic standards and aligned assessments with a focus on successfully implementing college- and career-ready standards for all students. This also includes working to ensure that state assessments are of quality and aligned with the state’s academic standards.

  • Advancing the teaching profession and building the capacity of educators. Policy issues may include improving teacher and principal evaluation measures and tools to help inform educators’ practice; professional development; establishing career pathways and formalized teacher leadership roles; compensation; and preparation and licensure programs to raise the quality and prestige of the teaching profession.

Please complete the following reporting form every time you complete an Educator Voice Activity and if you're wondering what type of information to include, visit this tip sheet.

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